Rebecca Lindsey

 "I consider one of my greatest accomplishments to be able to share my music with someone. Being able touch someone's life is more meaningful to me than anything. I know how much music has inspired and influenced me. My dream is to be able to enrich someone else's life in the same way." - Rebecca

Recently winning the award for New Country Star "Female Vocalist for November 2006", Rebecca Lindsey is becoming one of the most recognizable figures in Country music.

A trained singer/songwriter since she was 10, Rebecca has continually set the bar for excellence in performance and song writing. Rebecca has studied the training method of vocal coach Renee Grant- Williams, the same method as used by Tim McGraw, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill and the Dixie Chicks.

Rebecca has been working with Charlie Craig as her Producer, whose credits include songs recorded by Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, Johnny Cash, Aaron Tippin and George Strait, plus many others.

"I Will Be", a featured track on the released debut CD, was chosen by The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to represent the organization's effort to "Keep Every Home A Safe Home".

Rebecca has the kind of true talent that has won her several prestigious awards, has her music played on over a thousand radio stations worldwide, and the kind of talent that has gotten her featured on quite a number of TV, radio and magazine features.

Rebecca has indeed worked incredibly hard to perfect her talent, faced, fought and overcame formidable obstacles in her determination to pursue her goals as a professional entertainer.

Rebecca was also interviewed and performed on Fox 35, NBC's Daytime, Orlando Matters; and from her compassion for our nation's military troops has performed on HBO's special "From Broadway to Baghdad", and performed in New York City's Veteran's Day Parade for Mayor Bloomberg.


What They Are Saying:

"Rebecca Lindsey is one of those unique performers who can blend both emotion and message through her music. Her life experiences speckle the melodies and lyrics with a sense of passion that reaches out and grabs the listener. Her music has a way of reminding us that we are all linked together through the common human experience."  
 -  NBC Daytime Producer Marci Wise

"Rebecca Lindsey has just released one of the hottest new albums of 2007. This lady sings from the heart, and what a big heart she has. Just this past February Rebecca gave away 6 cars to victims of domestic violence in the Harbor House shelter in Orlando through her affiliate, 1800CHARITYCARS. You can really hear her what Rebecca is all about from the songs that she chose for her debut album. The latest single release from the album is titled "On the Fourth of July" and this song will definitely launch Rebecca Lindsey into the upper atmosphere of the country music universe. Prior to the album being completed "On the Fourth of July" was already played in over a thousand radio stations world-wide."  

 - Robert Bartosh - ROOTS MUSIC REPORT GM

"Rebecca Lindsey put on an overwhelming performance during the 2006 Veterans Day Parade in NYC, by singing the song "On the 4th of July" from her debut album "Headlights on the Highway". Rebecca put on a show that made many of the veterans in the crowd feel proud to be a part of our great nation and allowed them to feel even more proud today about the service they have performed for our great nation. Rebecca's inspiration and tireless efforts to use this album to help raise awareness and support for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence goes above and beyond what any other performer has ever done. Rebecca is very passionate and her signing portrays her passion and desire to make this world a better place to live. U-Haul is thrilled to endorse Rebecca and pay tribute to her accomplishments and continued success will her album. Everyone should be honored to support and commend Rebecca for all that she has done and for her selfless giving to others."      

Joanne Fried, Public Relations Director for U-Haul International, Inc.